MADBIT represents the convergence of creative, technological and knowledge industries, a tractor project that will make Madrid a platform for innovation, investment and job creation.

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MADBIT association

The MADBIT Association was founded at the end of 2017 with the main objective of transforming the Julián Camarillo area into an innovative and productive district, equipped with excellent infrastructures that offers modern, technological and flexible spaces in Madrid for the strategic concentration of knowledge-intensive activities, making Madrid one of the main platforms for innovation, investment and job creation. Formed by the most representative real estate agents on the Spanish scene, work has been done over the years to accelerate the transformation process of the area by creating a unique urban rehabilitation project which aims to promote diversity of uses and the implementation of new innovative and dynamic companies, that with convivence with the neighborhood’s proximity activities shopping, small workshops, services configure a rich productive fabric that favors knowledge synergies and innovation processes, allowing to improve the competitiveness.

MADBIT el nuevo distrito madrileño de la innovación

The renovation of the area will increase the productive spaces, increasing job vacancies offers located in the area, building new homes and improving the provision of equipment’s and green areas.

With the achievement of the objective of MADBIT association, Madrid will be positioned as one of the main centers of innovation, ITC, I+D+I at national and international level.

To achieve this, is essential to boost initiatives to attract activity and create sectorial concentrations that, through the involvement of the main public and private agents, will make it possible to structure the transformation and renovation of the district through the creation of an excellence area.


Innovative technological urban district

All this would be possible because MADBIT is currently one of the most dynamic areas of Madrid, due to: one of the largest broadbands in all of Spain, energy sovereignty thanks to the supply of two electrical substations, its urban and metropolitan centrality and its strategic location within the capital.

For all of the above, MADBIT works to get alliances with private and public entities to achieve the greatest transformation of an urban district in the 21st century.