MADBIT represents the convergence of creative, technological and knowledge industries, a tractor project that will make Madrid a platform for innovation, investment and job creation.

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Vision of the MADBIT district as a transformative project of Madrid

The project seeks to reinterpret its industrial past and project it in terms of competitiveness as an innovative technological urban district at the forefront of the 21st century.
El proyecto busca reinterpretar su pasado industrial y proyectarlo en claves de competitividad como un innovador distrito urbano tecnológico a las vanguardias del siglo XXI.

Dotado ya de excelentes infraestructuras de conectividad física y tecnológica, la zona ofrece un modelo de convergencia de actividades creativas, tecnológicas y del conocimiento en Madrid, que gracias a este proyecto tractor harán de la capital de España una de las plataformas de innovación, inversión y creación de puestos de trabajo.

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1. MADBIT values

  • MADBIT is Madrid.
  • MADBIT is Smart.
  • MADBIT is Collaboration.
  • MADBIT is Green.
  • MADBIT is Innovation.
  • MADBIT is Life 24 h.

2. MADBIT benefits for the district

  • Attract talent and generate a solid environment.
  • Promote investment in the area.
  • Boost commerce and neighborhood life 24h.
  • Revitalize surrounding residential areas.
  • Enhance the spirit in the area.

3. MADBIT benefits for the city

  • Attract new projects to the city.
  • Guarantee a future industry.
  • Help position the city as one of the best environments to work in.
  • Consolidate Madrid as a smart city.

MADBIT features to become the new technological urban district of the 21st century

MADBIT is a mixed district in which predominates tertiary activity integrated with a mostly industrial use and some residential areas. In its strategic location, it has exceptional public transport connectivity and the privilege of being surrounded by two historic gardens; “Las Quintas de los molinos”, “Torre Arias” and “El Parque el Paraiso”.

Established and associated business fabric

MADBIT has a business fabric capable of governing change. It is an area in which there is already consolidated business activity and which offers a potential for convergence of mixed activities in the field.

Compact and dense district

MADBIT is located in the Simancas neighborhood, a consolidated, vibrant and dynamic urban fabric, with a mix of uses that portrays the coexistence of diverse activities.

Strategic location

MADBIT has excellent accessibility to public and private transportation. It is surrounded by green areas and parks, in an area where there is already a mix of tertiary and industrial activities.

Optimal digital connectivity

MADBIT presents one of the fastest and most stable connections in Spain. The presence of data centers, their connections with electrical substations and robust digital infrastructure make the district an ideal place for the implementation of technology companies, data industries and new spaces linked to the knowledge economy.