MADBIT represents the convergence of creative, technological and knowledge industries, a tractor project that will make Madrid a platform for innovation, investment and job creation.

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SENTIA 19-21

LEED GOLD certifications


C/ Julián Camarillo 19-21


13.286 m²

Parking places


  It is an exclusive office resort with a multi-purpose and flexible design, located in the center of MADBIT district, the most developed technological and business center in the city of Madrid. With a total area of 13,286 m², it hosts two office buildings (SENTIA 19 and SENTIA 21) with retail spaces and two car parks. SENTIA 19-21 has undergone a comprehensive refurbishment, which allows for the application of environmental sustainability strategies in the new asset design. SENTIA 19-21 is located on Julián Camarillo Street, in the heart of the most “techie” neighborhood in Madrid: MADBIT district. This area has a multitude of high-level companies and the most innovative on the national and international scene. The place is unbeatable, as it also offers wide, modern and technological spaces for the concentration of companies and activities based on knowledge and innovation.