MADBIT represents the convergence of creative, technological and knowledge industries, a tractor project that will make Madrid a platform for innovation, investment and job creation.

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LEED PLATINUM certifications


C/ Julián Camarillo 37


12.117 m²

Architects: Estudio Lamela

The rectangular building is developed in an isolated volume within the plot, the glass facades will allow a great use of natural light. According to orientation and energy needs, exterior solar protection louvers are arranged.

5 floors above ground and 2 floors below ground will be developed.

The ground floor is designed with an arcade, set back from the upper floors. The free space on the ground floor will be landscaped, making it possible for building users and/or business services located on the ground floor to use it.

In basement floors, the maximum possible parking places are required. The rest of the space will be used to host general installation rooms.