MADBIT represents the convergence of creative, technological and knowledge industries, a tractor project that will make Madrid a platform for innovation, investment and job creation.

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LEED PLATINUM certifications




C/ Alcalá 546


20.200 m²

Fenwick Iribarren Architects

The resort is located at “Alcalá” street 3 in front of “Quinta Torre Arias” park, approximately 12 km away from de city center and 5 km away from Madrid airport.

It consists of 4 floors above ground for offices, a ground floor for commercial spaces and/or offices and 3 below ground for parking and facilities. Thanks to the conditions of the terrain of “Dédalo” street, one of the basements is open to the outside, which would give the possibility of using it for common services. It has an accessible terrace on the rooftop with approximately 500 m2.

Design has been carefully designed to keep an aesthetic in line with the new image of the area and promote an offices space towards users that allow attractive working conditions, prioritizing ergonomics, health and services.